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Donnelly Student Affordability

Donnelly is the lowest-priced college in Kansas and Missouri offering both associate and bachelor’s degrees. In addition, we offer financial aid packages to keep college as affordable as possible for all students. Many Donnelly students have their tuition and fees fully covered without any student loans.

We use a mix of funding from various sources for which you are eligible to build your financial aid package. This includes federal need–based aid (Pell Grant determined by FAFSA), state grants, external scholarships and Donnelly institutional aid.  


new student gpa                    

transfer student gpa (min. 24 credits)              

tuition & fees covered



at least 75%



at least 50%

2.0- 2.49


at least 25%








estimated family contribution, per fafsa pell grant offer (academic year) kansas citizens (Ks comprehensive grant) average tuition & Fees
$0 $7,395 Up to $10,000 $9,990
$1-$1,700 $7,345-$5,745 Up to $10,000 $9,990
$1,701-$3,300 $5,645-$4,145 Up to $10,000 $9,990
$3,301-$5,000 $4,045-$2,445 Up to $10,000 $9,990
$5,001-$6,656 $2,345-$0 Up to $10,000 $9,990

* Financial aid offers are renewable annually with full-time enrollment and a minimum 2.0 GPA.

** Estimated based on the 2023-24 FAFSA Schedule and full-time, degree-seeking enrollment of 12 credits/semester (24 hours/year). To estimate your federal aid, visit

The above does not apply to nursing students. Please contact Financial Aid for additional information. For current students enrolled prior to fall 2023, click here for Donnelly's financial aid information.

Paying for College

Student aid funding is applied in the following order toward your balance due, as applicable:

  1. Federal Funding
  2. State Funding
  3. External Scholarships (this funding is applied before Donnelly Scholarships if student has eligibility)
  4. Donnelly Scholarships (including Merit & Institutional Aid)

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